Fine Arts

BAND - Band is a full-year course for 9th-12th graders. During the fall semester, students perform in the Marching Band and during second semester, students audition for either Symphonic Band or Concert Band. Public performances are held throughout the year.

ORCHESTRA - Chamber Orchestra consistently receives top District and State ratings. Talented 11th and 12th graders (and a few exceptional 9th and 10th graders) develop outstanding string ensemble techniques. Performances are held not only locally but throughout the State and on occasional international tours. Philharmonic Orchestra provides string players with an in-depth study of orchestral literature from all periods of music history, as well as solo and ensemble literature and string techniques. Performances include Fall String Festival, Choir/Orchestra Holiday Concerts, Orchestra District Festival, Spring Concert, String Spectacular and Baccalaureate. Symphony Orchestra is an exclusive musical experience available in the St. Joseph Public Schools. This 95-member full orchestra features 9th-12thgraders dedicated to outstanding musical performances that consistently earn the school top recognition throughout our district and state. Pit Orchestra is a select group of Orchestra musicians who perform as accompaniment for the Spring Musical play.

VOCAL ARTS (CHOIR) - Chorale offers 9th-12th graders an opportunity to sing individually and as a choral ensemble. Concerts are held throughout the year and students participate in the MSVMA Choral Festival.

Concert Choir is for serious singers in 10th-12th grade. Students audition for this year-round class that culminates with several public performances and performance at the MSVMA Choral Festival, where our students traditionally earn high marks.

Show Choir auditions are held in early September. Students from 9th-12th grade present toe-tapping performances in the Fall and Holiday Concerts, Variety Show, Spring Concert and community events.

Men's and Women's Ensembles are auditioned, after school groups and are student led. These ensembles perform at concerts throughout the year as well as various school and community events.

MUSICAL - Each Fall, students put on a fabulous musical complete with grand sets, costumes, choreography and fantastic singing. Students have the opportunity to take part in every aspect of this program: Singing, dancing, acting, set building, costuming, lighting, sound, marketing and more.

VISUAL ARTS - The Saint Joseph High School Visual Art Department offers classes in creative self-expression and visual communication. These classes are designed to effectively teach students about the elements and principals of design through a balance of hands on studio time, Socratic critiques, art history, and community based projects and shows.

OTHER PERFORMING OPPORTUNITIES - Drama/Musical Plays feature the backstage and onstage talents of our 9th-12th graders in fall, spring and One-Act Play performances.