PE & Health

The St. Joseph physical education department is a comprehensive program that offers a variety of required and elective courses.

The Ninth grade semester courses in health and physical education are required for graduation and in line with MMC requirements for both subjects. Both required courses are designed to teach important information, skills, and activities that promote healthy living and an active lifestyle. The elective courses, (individual fitness, team and individual sports, and advanced P.E. for male and female athletes), build on the specific fitness interests of our students as they progress through high school.

The required and elective courses come to life with the enthusiastic instruction of our full and part-time teachers in the physical education department. Each instructor is highly qualified, has a wealth of experience as a teacher and coach, and models a healthy approach to living, while encouraging students to pursue their own fitness and/or athletic goals.

Our indoor physical education facility is equipped with 2 gymnasiums, a field house facility,(3 basketball courts, 4500 square foot weight room/fitness center, wrestling/competitive cheer room and 2nd story track, plus classrooms), aquatic center and locker rooms. Outside facilities include 8 court tennis center, softball/baseball fields, football stadium and playing fields.

St. Joseph High School Students have an excellent opportunity to improve their approach to health and level of fitness because of the comprehensive, varied course offerings, facilities and the dedicated, enthusiastic teachers who will work with them to reach their goals. Our department welcomes the challenge of taking students where they are now and moving them toward a healthy approach to living in the future.