Life Management

Course Offerings

  1. Child Care/Parenting
  2. Child Study
  3. Beginning Sewing
  4. Advanced Sewing
  5. Contemporary Living
  6. Family Life Issues
  7. Foods & Nutrition
  8. Culinary Arts
  9. The department will also have one Independent Study student in Culinary Arts.

Points of Pride:

Culinary Arts

The 2009-2010 school year will be the first year that the Life Management Department has offered direct credit with Lake Michigan College. Students successfully completing the Culinary Arts class at St. Joseph High School will earn credit for HOS 250 Food Prep through LMC. To find out what colleges accept this transfer credit visit .

Two of the top rated Culinary Schools in the country will visit the Foods and Nutrition and Culinary Arts classrooms this school year. Johnson and Wales University and the Art Institute will be sending admission reps to introduce students to the college application process, how to find scholarship money, and the best ways to become post-secondary ready. Students also look forward to participating in the annual Cook-Off, Bake-Off, and Hamburger contest.


In the fall, the district and the St. Joseph Foundation purchased all new sewing machines at Upton Middle School and new scissors were donated by Muday Sewing Center in downtown St. Joseph. Dale Dean from Mudays came in as a guest speaker and demonstrated new uses for the computerized machines at the high school. He is also offering discounted classes for any students enrolled in a Beginning or Advanced Sewing class at the High School.

Both Upton and High School sewing classes made and filled toiletry bags for US troops. They were sent out over the holidays. Also, the 8th grade sewing students plan to make Dr. Seuss hats that they will wear while they read to elementary students in the county for Read Across America.

Child Study

The Child Study students participated in the "Baby Think It Over" simulation first semester. The computerized dolls are rented from Lakeland Memorial Hospital and students get a "true-to-life" hands-on experience with the physical demands of caring for an infant. Child Study students also created their own children's books that they read to children at Lincoln Elementary School.

Contemporary Living

Students taking Contemporary Living this year will experience the Family Economics and Financial Education curriculum during the Consumer Education Unit as part of the course. With the current economic climate students now more than ever need to be taught the importance of money management and wise consumer practices. The LME department is exploring the possibility of Contemporary Living as a fourth year math credit in the future.