Special Education

The Special Education Department at St. Joseph High School offers a variety of courses which promote and develop life long learning skills.

These classes address necessary skills in the core areas of education and reinforce skills necessary in all academic situations. A student receiving special education services is offered courses that specifically address their unique learning styles and needs.

The Special Education Department of St. Joseph High School strongly believes in implementing various strategies and settings to promote student learning at all levels. St. Joseph High School promotes the use of least restrictive environment and strives to meet the needs of all students. Students enrolled in special education may receive services in a multitude of settings including:

  • A general education setting with one general education teacher.
  • A general education setting that has one general educator and one special educator.
  • A special education setting with a single special education teacher.
  • Placement in these settings is based upon student progress as well as his/her identified area of need. Students in the program are consistently assessed and monitored for appropriate placement.

The Special Education Department of St. Joseph High School collaborates with the Berrien Regional Education Service Agency to offer various services in-house. Students needing speech and language or social work services, as well as those services offered by a school psychologist, are able to do so according to their areas of need.

Students who receive special education services are able to work closely with a case manager to ensure that each student receives the most appropriate individualized education possible. Each case manager monitors the progress of student to promote a successful post secondary transition.

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