Industrial Tech

Course Offerings

  • Mechatronics/Robotics: Year 1 & 2

  • Drafting and Design Technology: Semester 1 & 2

  • Engineering CAD: Year 2, 3 & 4

  • Architecture: Year 1-4

  • Introduction to Furniture Making: Semester 1 & 2

  • Contemporary Furniture Design and Construction

  • Cabinetmaking

Points of Pride

  1. Industrial Technology classes teach kids to think critically, troubleshoot and reason through design problems. All of the Industrial Technology classes and projects utilize important skills learned in core classes.
  2. Each spring, many of our student projects are entered into the "Michigan Industrial and Technology Educator Society" project competition. SJHS student projects traditionally do very well and offer the student well deserved recognition.
  3. Our students have the opportunity to learn robotics and programming using the Mechatronics class "VEX robot kits" and/or by joining our FIRST Robotics team, #3620, where we compete with a student designed and built robot based on the game for the year.
  4. Drafting and Design students learn AutoCAD and Inventor during the year. Students also use some of their drawings or models to create laser cut or engraved projects on our Epilog Laser and 3D printed projects on our MakerBot.
  5. Engineering CAD students use limited AutoCAD and Inventor extensively. Additionally, students study fasteners, mechanical linkages, assemblies and "design for CNC machinability". Third and Fourth year students learn SolidWorks. Students have in-depth design projects such as an Invention Unit and a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle design/build challenge. Students use modern computer and CAD based machines (3D printer, Laser Cutter/Engraver, CNC Router) as well traditional machinery to build engineering projects.
  6. Architecture students use AutoDesk Revit to design and model an original single family house design. Smart and cost effective design principles are taught as the students develop a full set of architecture plans. Scale models may be made by students using our Epilog Laser cutter or the MakerBot 3D printer. Upper level Architecture students research and design commercial projects such as a "dual purpose retail space" or hotel building. Upper level students develop their projects based on their interests.
  7. Introduction to Furniture Making students use safe, modern traditional machinery to build a small solid cherry cabinet during semester one and an end table with student design choices during second semester. Each student engraves a "Custom made by..." logo on their cabinet drawer side using the Epilog Laser during semester one. During semester two, while building a table, each student learns AutoCAD to draw, create a tool path and cut an inlay design for their table top using our ShopSabre CNC router.
  8. Advanced Wood working classes, Contemporary Furniture Design and Cabinetmaking, enable students to design their own furniture. Students develop the style, use ergonomics and then create project sketches. Sketches are then drawn in AutoCAD to study proportion and from those drawings an Excel spreadsheet is created for cost analysis. Students build their project using proper safety procedures and both traditional and CNC woodworking machinery. Students are required to use AutoCAD, Inventor or SolidWorks to create cut files for the Epilog Laser and/or CNC machines for at least some project parts.