Peer to Peer

What This Class is All About?

In this program you learn a very valuable lesson: No one should be left out. Your job is to make the student feel included. You are assigned to work with a friend, you bring them to your designated class, and make them feel included. You learn to relate to people with different needs. You'll receive academic credit for this class. It looks well on college applications and provides a great hands-on experience. (Ashley Malone, Class of 2013).

History of Peer-to-Peer

Peer-to-peer did not use to be as popular as it is. It started with about 4 students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and there was not a set group of peer friends. Mrs. Richie (a former teacher at St. Joseph High School) would let a student come in her class from time to time, or every so often a couple of her students would come into the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) classroom. It took a lot for Ms. Hickok, (Autism Counselor) and Mr. Rappette (Peer-to-Peer teacher) to make this program happen. We now have to put a cap on the people that want to join this class. It's a great cause and it's something worth being apart of. (Ashley Malone, Class of 2013).

For more information please contact the following individuals:

Mrs. Tracy Olson, Guidance Counselor, [email protected], 269-926-3210

Ms. Jessica Froelich, Peer to Peer Teacher and Coordinator,, 269-926-3241

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