Course Offerings

  1. Applied Business Technology 1 & 2
  2. Marketing 1 & 2
  3. Marketing 3 & 4
  4. Web Page Design
  5. Finance Academy 1 & 2
  6. Personal Finance

Business Department teachers believe strongly in developing a learn-by-doing approach with hands-on proficiency in all content areas. Students are motivated to learn in real-world business situations such as the Get Joe Spirit school store, Finance Academy internships, Marketing Entrepreneurship Day, and Direct Credit course offerings.

A unique set of co-curricular activities is supported by the Business Department. Entrepreneurship Day allows the students to present Business Plans and portfolios to local community business volunteers for their judging and approval. Finance Academy students volunteer at local businesses to gain hands on experience in the areas of marketing, accounting, banking, and store operations. Students in marketing and applied business visit a local credit union to learn about money management and personal finance.

The Business Department staff also includes two business professionals that bring real-world examples to the classroom in our Finance Academy. Their backgrounds in Accounting, Mortgage Finance, Insurance, and Investing provide the students with many experiences that go far beyond the normal classroom.

The department supports continuation of higher education beyond high school by offering direct credit of courses with Lake Michigan College. Students earn transcripted college credit by taking classes that offer direct credit. The staff also works hard at the implementation of Math and English standards to better prepare our students for college and beyond.