Report an Absence

Reporting Absences.

The following procedure should be followed to excuse an absence:

  1. The parent should phone the High School Attendance Office (926-3205) prior to 9:00am on the day of the absence.
  2. If a parent/guardian does not communicate by phone or in person the day of the absence, the student should present a written statement and/or confirmation of the cause of the absence to the office on the first day the students returns from the absence. An absence will be considered unexcused if the student does not present written documentation upon the day of the following:
    1. Name and grade of the student
    2. Date of the absence
    3. Specific reason for the absence
    4. Authorized signature

Prearrange Absence.

A prearrange absence form must be used if a student is to be absent from school for one or more days to visit a college/university, trade school, other educational experience, or a family vacation. The purpose of this form is to help parents determine the degree to which the absence will impact their student's academic progress in school. Classroom work missed during the prearranged absence must be made up upon the student's return, or when possible, in advance of the absence. Students have one day, for each day they are absent, to make up missing work. Students are expected to follow this guideline unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher. The responsibility of initiating make up work and turning in assignments rest with the student. Forms are available in the attendance office.